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เครื่องเชื่อม (WELDING MACHINES)

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Company Product & Service Description
OTC DAIHEN ASIA CO LTD  โอทีซี ไดเฮ็น เอเชีย บจก.

16/F, Sorachai Bldg. 23/43 Soi Sukhumvit 63
Klongtonnua, Wattana
Bangkok 10110

In 1989, OTC DAIHEN Asia Co.,Ltd. was established for support manufacturing industry. We stand strongly in welding & mechatronic business. Our head office & factory is located in Navanakorn Industrial Estate, Thailand.

Nowadays, technology grows progressively, demand of metal pieces in manufacturing industry is more increased and complicated. According to our principle, Reliability & Creativity
Digital Inverter Controlled Pulse MAG / MIG · CO 2 / MAG / MIG automatic welding machine One unit supported iron, stainless steel, aluminum welding All rounder!   Characteristic Digital Inverter Controlled Pulse MAG / MIG · CO 2 / MAG / MIG Automatic Welding Machine ● High-quality pulse welding realized by waveform control optimized for various materials ● Excellent stability of the arc even ...more

Digital Inverter Control Type Pulse TIG pulse TIG welding machine Extensive support for various applications ranging from ultrathin plate to thick plate! Pulse TIG welding machine for high efficiency and high quality   Characteristic ● High quality welding of ultrathin plates ● High efficiency utilization of thick plates is supported ● Automatic setting of welding conditions with "welding setting ...more

Main features ● Fastest cycle times in the industry, resulting in to shorter tact time. ● Built-in wrist motor eliminates interference with jigs and workpieces. ● Slim arm enables high-density installations. ● Synchro-feed welding cables are built into the arm. ● Eliminates the interference normally caused by weld cables behind the arm. ● A signal line and air hose are also built-in, supporting ...more

Main features ● Many cables and air hoses are built - in, and assorted advanced tools are accommodated. ● Corresponds to IP54 and is dust-proof and rainproof. ● Payload upped 1.3 times to 8kg. Diverse sensors can be installed and it accommodates AI. ● Speed of all axes upped (maximum 15%). Highest speed specs in the industry realized with shorter tact time. ● 5% slimmer lower arm realized. Accommodates ...more

CO2 / MAG / MIG welding torch "Easy" welding work, From an operator's point of view I was born with thorough pursuit The latest CO 2 / MAG / MIG welding torch   Characteristic CO2 / MAG / MIG welding torch      ● "Fatigue resistant" welding torch          Easy handgrip torch handle          · Flexible cable with excellent workability is adopted      ● "hard to get hot" torch handle     ...more

WELDEX CO LTD  เวลเด็กซ์ บจก.

195 Chaloemprakiat Rama 9 Rd.
Bangkok 10250

จัดจำหน่ายเครื่องเชื่อม หุ่นยนต์เชื่อม และอุปกรณ์เชื่อม บริการซ่อมเครื่องเชื่อม, ออกแบบระบบงานเชื่อม, สร้างระบบ Automation และจัดหา Robot and Peripheral สำหรับโรงงานและอุตสาหกรรม ...more
Brand : WELDEX Model : WA-1440-A   Industrial Robot Welding Application 1.4m Low Spatter 350A Welding Robot System ...more

Brand : WELDEX Model : W-14iM   Industrial Robot Welding Application 1.4m. Arc Welding Robot System with Ehave CM350 350A Power Source (Classic Type) ...more

Brand : WELDEX Model : W-20iM   Industrial Robot Welding Application 2.0m. Arc Welding Robot System with Ehave CM350 350A Power Source (Classic Type) ...more

Brand : HTP Model : MIG / MAG Welding Series   เครื่องเชื่อมแก๊ส Co2 (MIG/MAG) เครื่องเชื่อมระบบอินเวอร์เตอร์ (Inverter) ควบคุมด้วยระบบดิจิตอลที่มีประสิทธิภาพและความเที่ยงตรงสูง (IGBT) ...more

Brand : ARCTEC Model : AA01   Automatic Torch Cleanin Station : Air Motor Type 1. Spatter remove (V-block and reamer included) 2. Anti-spatter fluid spray enclosoure 3. Wire end cut-off 4. Stand included 5. 1L E-WELD anti spatter agent ...more

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